Our Facilities

Our facility has four main objectives: Provide an environment that is conducive to personal dignity, Enhance social leisure and recreational skills, Ensure a continuous plan of care through communication with interdisciplinary teams, patients and families, While addressing patient safety, comfort and satisfaction.

We will gladly provide assistance and supervision with licensing approval to residents with colostomies, oxygen dependent, fecal impaction, indwelling catheter, gastrostomies, diabetic and insulin injections.

Merida Daly, both skilled nurses and administrators, have over 20 years of excellent medical and critical care experience.

We would love to have you visit us at one of our homes. Please contact us at 559-226-0051, 559-704-6467, fax 559-435-1615, or email contact@dialforcare.org

We have three loving homes in the Fresno area:

  • Dial for Care, Inc. #1

    (Residential Care Facility for the Elderly)
    1594 E. Los Altos Avenue
    Fresno, Ca 93710
    License# 107202379


  • Dial for Care, Inc. #2

    (Residential Care Facility for the Elderly)
    894 E. Fir Street
    Fresno, Ca 93720
    License #107202470

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