Our Goals . . . Residents are relaxed and content while having the option of being actively engaged in activities. Privacy and confidentiality of each resident is honored and respected. There is a cheerful and comfortable atmosphere where residents will enjoy the feeling of being in their own home. There is open communication between administrators, staff, residents, families, and doctors. Dial for Care, Inc. has a relationship with a local physician who visits clients at the facility. As mentioned previously, we also have a loving, caring nurses who provides extra special care, attention, and supervision to our residents.

Program Description . . . Dial for Care, Inc. is dedicated to quality care for our residents, serving all with dignity, respect, and compassion. Care and supervision is provided for residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Dial for Care Offers . . .

Assistance with prescribed and over-the-counter medications.
A clean and comfortable room with furniture, comfortable bedding, and linens.
Adequate drawer and closet space.
Daily bathing with incontinent care. Daily laundry.
Three nutritional meals a day with snacks (special diets are available).
Supervision of residents.
Personal assistance with residents’ needs of daily living.
Arranged public transportation by Dial for Care, Inc. for doctor appointments and outings.

Mission Statement

Dial for Care, Inc. has a plan of operation to ensure that the best care is offered for each resident and that our facility is in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Administrators, nurses, and staff are skilled and know their duties. We work hard to be the best care provider for our residents.

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